Friday, October 31, 2014

The Good Ol' Days: Robert Layden's Retirement

On the left is the late and honorable Judge Robert Layden. This picture was taken on the day of his retirement, after many years served on the bench. Mr. Layden was an outstanding civic leader and was recognized statewide for his legal services. 

The Good Ol' Days: Honors for Kirk Powell

Honoring the late Associate District Judge, Kirk Powell, for his assistance in maintaining the historical integrity of the McIntosh County Courthouse, are myself and former judge Jean Mowry.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Good Ol' Days: Les Hall and the Gang

Here, I'm presenting the Main Street Director--Les Hall--with a Certificate of Appreciation for his outstanding work in the development and revitalization of the city’s Main Street Program. Mr. Hall was the first main street director, and went on to be hired by the state as the State Director of the Oklahoma Main Street Organization. Looking on (left to right) is Vice Mayor Glenn Pitman and Main Street Board Directors Marty Rucker and Brian Spielgene.

The Good Ol' Days: The First Check to the Hospital

In 1975, during the construction of the Eufaula Municipal Hospital, one of the first contributions was made by the friendly Lake Eufaula area supporters. Betty Price, to my immediate right, is presenting the first check for the hospital. Looking on is Debby Burns, Eufaula’s first EMS tech. The hospital was constructed, completed, and owned by the city. It stayed that way for over ten years. In 1985, it was sold to private enterprise. The hospital is still in operation on the hill. Every room has a view of the lake.

The Good Ol' Days: Robert Lane and The Key to the City

Receiving The Key to the City is former County Commissioner, Robert Lane. He received this honor for his assistance in helping the City of Eufaula with many of its growing projects, while at the same time, saving the city many thousands of dollars. Robert played a lead role in helping Eufaula in many ways. In particular, he helped to extend Front Street, connecting it to Lakeshore Drive (behind Braum’s), thus opening that area up for development. Not only did this construction allow that area to develop, but it alleviated the traffic congestion on Main Street. For Mr. Lane’s assistance, Johnson got the city to name the stretch of road after the Commissioner, himself. It is now called Robert’s Lane. 

The Good Ol' Days: Outstanding Volunteer Award

On the right is Roger Barton, former Director of the Department of Human Services in McIntosh County. Here, he is presenting me with the Outstanding Volunteer Award. This award was given annually to those whom the staff felt contributed most to helping better the lives of the underprivileged in Eastern Oklahoma. 

The Good Ol' Days: Time With Jack Mildren

Jack Mildren, former OU Wishbone Quarterback and Oklahoma Lt. Governor, is presenting me with a plaque of appreciation for my work in promoting truism in Eastern Oklahoma. Mildren was an outstanding quarterback and played with some of Oklahoma’s best, like Heisman Trophy winners Steve Owens and Steve Aycock.